Accrete Success | Power of Goal Setting
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Power of Goal Setting

About This Programme


Powered by the Mind of Determination

“Power of Goal Setting in the workplace”


Do you find your staff performance misaligned with your company vision?
Are you experiencing low productivity at your workplace?
Do you want to drive a higher level of employee engagement and help to reach their fullest potential?



“Our Power by the Mind of Determination workshop will help both employers and employees understand the power of goal setting in contributing to organizational success.


It is imperative that corporate and individual staff goals are aligned, so that together, they are able to DO WELL, DO GOOD and DO MORE!


Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life.” – Les Brown


By mastering the skills of goal setting, you can eliminate unproductivity and provide your team with clear directions to do the RIGHT THINGS and achieve the TARGETED RESULTS.


What you’ll learn

How to use our powerful Accrete Goal Setting toolkit to crystallize and set aligned key performance indicators (KPI) and individual staff goals.
To write SMART goals and action plans through a step-by-step process.
Self-determination can help to unlock one’s hidden potential to achieve success
Manage time effectively to attain individual and organizational growth and success.
Practise both self and external management to guide oneself and others towards goal achievement.


Only if everyone’s values and potential are aligned with that of the organiszation, they will be able to DO WELL, DO GOOD and DO MORE!


Invite ACCRETE SUCCESS To Work With You!