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31 Jan Power of Execution

  Powered by the Heart of Execution "Power of Execution in the Workplace"     Execution is the only link that connects Dreams with Reality     This workshop empowers business success through the discipline of getting things done and help business gain competitive advantage as the ultimate difference between a...

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31 Jan Power of Goal Setting

  Powered by the Mind of Determination "Power of Goal Setting in the workplace"   Do you find your staff performance misaligned with your company vision? Are you experiencing low productivity at your workplace? Do you want to drive a higher level of employee engagement and help to...

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07 Oct Power of Positive Thinking

  Powered by the Heart of Excellence "Power of Positive Thinking in the workplace"   Does your staff lack the drive at work? Does your staff fail to do their best to reach the target? Do you want your staff be full of positivity and vigour at the...

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